Platinum Dirt Works – Your Premier
Excavation Contractor

Serving Helena, Bozeman, Big Sky, Butte, Missoula, and Great Falls, Montana.

We stand as a pillar of excavation excellence in Montana. With decades of collective experience, our team wields state-of-the-art machinery and a deep-rooted commitment to precision, ensuring every cubic yard of earth is moved with purpose and professionalism. Your site will be delivered to you prepped and ready to keep your project moving.


New Construction Excavation

Laying the foundation for Helena's future with precise site preparation for new infrastructures.


Residential and Commercial Development

Expertly handling projects of all scales, we ensure your development stands on solid ground.


Specialized Projects

Our skill extends to unique needs like advanced septic systems, foundation repairs, and precision grading.


Your Project, Our Canvas

Transforming Helena's landscape, we clear, grub, and prepare sites with meticulous attention to detail.


Trenching and Grading

Sculpting the earth with precision for optimal drainage and stability, optimizing every site inch.


Utility Installation

Expertly laying utility lines with minimal environmental impact, powering homes and businesses.


Environmental Conservation

Committed to protecting Helena’s natural beauty, we use sustainable practices in every dig.


Erosion Control

Implementing strategic measures against erosion to preserve your site's integrity long-term.


Navigating Regulations

Effortlessly handling permits and inspections, we ensure your project progresses smoothly.


Advanced Techniques for Helena’s Terrain

Utilizing GPS-guided excavation for precision and efficiency, tailored to Montana’s unique terrain.


Rock Breaking and Removal

Breaking through Helena's tough terrain with heavy-duty equipment, paving the way for progress.


Pond and Water Feature Excavation

Creating picturesque oases, transforming landscapes with serene water features.


Road and Pathway Construction

Building vital connections with expertly forged roads and pathways.


Land Reclamation

Reclaiming and revitalizing lands for diverse uses, from agriculture to residential projects.


Commitment to Safety and Excellence

Prioritizing safety at every step, with a trained crew and the best gear for effective operations.


A Collaborative Approach to Excavation

Working in tandem with you and experts, we ensure each project is a unified effort towards a shared goal.


Cultivating Client Relationships

Deeply committed to our clients, we engage with you at every step, exceeding expectations.


Ready to Reshape the Ground Beneath Your Feet?

Choose Platinum Dirt Works to bring your vision to life with unmatched skill and dedication.