Landscape Ground Preparation


Platinum Dirt Work's range of services reaches far beyond just home and business excavation. Given our excavation experience, you can expect that all of your dirt preparation work is completed to your satisfaction. Whether you want to install landscaping from the ground up, or are looking to renovate the look of your existing landscape we will ensure that your project is prepped properly and ready for the finishing touches.

  • Site Clearing
  • Grading and Leveling
  • Trenching
  • Soil Relocation
  • Digging Water Features
  • Hardscape Preparation
  • Foundation Excavation
  • Rock Removal and Disposal
  • Backfilling
  • Erosion Control

Site Clearing

Removing trees, stumps, brush, and debris from a site to prepare for landscaping or construction.


Grading and Leveling

Creating a level base or a specific slope for the landscaping area to ensure proper drainage and to establish the desired contours of the land.



Digging trenches for the installation of irrigation systems, drainage, or utility lines required for landscape design elements.


Soil Excavation and Relocation

Excavating soil from one area and using it to fill in another to shape the land according to the landscape design plans.


Digging for Water Features

Creating ponds, waterfalls, or fountains that require excavation to set the foundation for these water elements.


Hardscape Preparation

Preparing the ground for hardscape installations such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens, which may involve digging footings or laying a base of gravel or sand.


Foundation Excavation for Outdoor Structures

Excavating for the foundations of gazebos, pergolas, decks, and other outdoor structures that require support below the frost line.


Rock Removal and Disposal

Removing large rocks or boulders that impede the planned landscaping or could be hazardous.



Filling in excavated areas after construction or installation of structures and features to ensure stability and a smooth ground surface.


Erosion Control

Implementing measures to prevent erosion in areas that are susceptible to soil loss due to wind or water runoff, is vital for maintaining the integrity of the landscape.


Creating Swales or Berms

Shaping the land to direct water flow away from structures and toward areas designed for excess water, such as rain gardens or drainage fields.


We work closely with landscape designers and architects to bring the vision for a landscape project to life, ensuring that the groundwork is done safely, and efficiently, and following local regulations and environmental best practices.