Platinum Dirt Works: Excavation Grading

At the heart of every construction project is the groundwork, and that's where our expertise in excavation grading shines. Our commitment is to your vision, ensuring that we lay the perfect foundation for whatever you're building, be it a commercial or a residential grading job.
When it comes to precision in excavation grading, concrete formation, or asphalt laying, Platinum Dirt Works stands unmatched. Our proficiency extends beyond just moving earth; we shape landscapes and contribute to the aesthetic and functional beauty of your property.

Precision Excavation and Grading Services

Platinum Dirt Works, is the cornerstone of excavation grading excellence in Helena and surrounding Montana cities. Our dedication to transforming the landscape with precision and integrity has made us the trusted partner for countless construction projects throughout Lewis and Clark County.


Why Grading Matters

Grading isn’t just about moving dirt. It’s an art that prepares the canvas of your construction site. Proper grading ensures a stable foundation for buildings, adequate drainage to protect structural integrity, and the creation of landscapes that blend form with function. At Platinum Dirt Works, we don’t just grade your land; we enhance it to meet your vision.


Our Grading Services: A Cut Above

Our comprehensive grading services are the first step in bringing your project to life.


Site Evaluation: Before breaking ground, we assess soil quality, topography, and environmental considerations to tailor our approach to your site's specific needs.


Land Clearing and Leveling: We remove all obstacles to create a clean slate, setting the stage for a well-executed project.


Soil Compaction: Using state-of-the-art rollers and compaction equipment, we create a solid base that minimizes settlement risks.


Slope Creation and Modification: Whether for water run-off management or aesthetic landscaping, our grading creates the perfect slopes and contours.


Erosion Control: We implement strategies to protect soil from erosion, safeguarding the environment and your investment.


State-of-the-Art Technology: We harness the latest in GPS and laser-guided grading technology, allowing us to work with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. This high-tech approach minimizes material waste and maximizes productivity, ensuring we deliver on time and within budget.


From Concept to Completion: Our Process is Meticulous

Initial Consultation: We discuss your goals, survey the land, and propose a strategy that aligns with your objectives.


Preparation and Planning: Detailed planning is essential. We plot every contour and coordinate every cut and fill.


Execution: Our seasoned operators bring the plan to life, sculpting the earth with practiced hands.


Quality Assurance: We inspect our work to ensure it exceeds both industry standards and your expectations.


Expertise in Diverse Environments

From the rolling hills to the rocky terrains of Montana, we’ve encountered and mastered them all. Our local expertise means we understand the land and how to work it, regardless of the challenges it presents.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

We’re not just shaping land; we’re preserving it for future generations. Our sustainable practices ensure minimal impact on the natural beauty of Montana while adhering to the strictest environmental regulations.


A Foundation of Trust

Trust is the bedrock of our business. Our clients rely on us for our honesty, transparency, and the promise that we stand behind every job with our name and reputation.


Residential and Commercial Excellence

Our portfolio showcases our versatility, with successful projects ranging from expansive commercial developments to intimate residential spaces. Every client, large or small, receives our full attention and best work.


Why Choose Platinum Dirt Works?

Experience: With years of experience in Helena, we’ve built a reputation for excellence.


Precision: Our attention to detail ensures that every project is done right.


Reliability: We meet our deadlines and stick to our quotes, no surprises.


Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We listen, we adapt, and we deliver.